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        Flomin (Qingdao) Chemical Co., Ltd was bulit and run since Nov, 2000, was named as Qingdao Aotong Chemical Co., Ltd. In Jun, 2007, Qingdao Aotong was acquired by SNF Group, then it turned to be a subsidiary of SNF Group. In 2013, change name to Flomin (Qingdao) Chemical Co., Ltd, is a second-grade enterprise of safety standardization, also is certificated with ISO9001.

        The plant area is 38128m2 and building area of 11200m2, 165 employees.

        Flomin (QD) manufacture xanthate products (SIPX, SIBX, PAX), the productivity is 8000 tons per year, products are selt well all over the world.

        Enterprise vision:

        Be an sustainable enterprise focusing on both safety production and environmental protection. Apply advanced production processes and excellent waste treatment system during production, conserve resources and reduce emission, consistently supply best products and services to our client, achieve win-win of economic benefit and environmental protection.

        Enterprise managemetn idelogies:

        Safety ideology:  Zero tolerance.

        Environment ideology: Zero complaint.

        Quality ideology: Make our customers satisfied.

        Talent ideology: Human-oriented, comprehensive development.

        Enterprise core values:

        Fair:  Just and impartial.

        Responsible: employee should be responsible and earnest for work, abide by regulations and procedures consciously; enterprise fulfills the responsibilities of observing laws and disciplines, protecting environment, benefiting society, pursuing the unity of economic growth and social responsibility.

        Team spirit: every employee shares success and loss together with the whole plant. 

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